ESP MX-250, ESP Eclipse, and esp horizon
guitar and Drawing
The Walking Dead, Family Guy, The Big Band Theory, and American Horror Story
World War Z, 21 Jumpstreet, Django Unchained, and Zombieland
Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ibanez and metal boss pedal
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
James Hetfield
About me:
Love playing guitar and love thrash metal and heavy metal
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Anthony M.

Anthony M. replied to the forum post WTB esp or ltd mx250

2014-10-06 04:23:10 UTC
I went to that same Big Boss ESP store in Japan and they had 2 ESP MX250s there and they were $6,500 and they told me that if you want to make a custom order for one it will be over $10,000 so good luck with that lol ......MORE »
Anthony M.

Anthony M. posted the forum post ESP MX-250 hard shell case help

2014-10-06 04:12:43 UTC
Hey everyone, I'm getting an MX-250 soon but the guy that I am buying it from doesn't have a case for it and I've been searhing around a lot for one but I can't seem to find one. Can anyone help me out?  Thanks (:......MORE »
Anthony M.

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2014-04-14 03:35:50 UTC
Anthony M.

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2014-03-24 02:55:43 UTC
Anthony M.

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2014-03-24 02:55:10 UTC
I second this motion of burning the guitar theifs!......MORE »