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mike w.

mike w. replied to the forum post LTD Snakebyte nut issue

i have a ec 1000 that i bought a new nut for i got the old one out and noticed the slot seat the nut sits is is very un level the low e side has a channel and the high side is flat if i drop the high side to match the low......MORE »
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I love the Arrows, they are so awesome.......MORE »
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Craig voted on the poll Which summer addition to the lineup is your favorite?

Craig voted EC-1000 Koa
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barryswanson replied to the forum post Vintage white mx-250

Yeah? PM me if your serious......MORE »
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Dennis R. posted a comment on the video LTD EC-256FM Demo (Jamie Hunt)

I bought mine today, The lemon drop is the dogs bollocks......MORE »
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Road King replied to the forum post Sold my ESP MX250II on ebay, but buyer hasn't paid...

Maybe the guy just wanted your serial number to make counterfeits.......MORE »
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