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Ronald C.

Ronald C. posted the forum post I love the new E-II standards

They look great and have a good price. They now have Original Floyds and you got rid of that LTD logo. I would maybe put a small version of the ESP logo on the headstock somewhere in the future. But I like the name E-II......MORE »
Ronald C.

Ronald C. replied to the forum post 2014 New Product Preview

I love the new E2 models I will be getting a ST2 shortly. Hopefully the M2 standard will have more than just black availiable. If so I will be getting 2 ESPS this year.......MORE »
Ronald C.

Ronald C. replied to the forum post ESP USA Factory Line Expectations

M -II line with red and other colors. The same price as ltd elite range but with orginal Floyd. Focus more on parts than fancy tops and binding and other nonsense.......MORE »