ESP LTD and Ibanez rg
Classic movies and workingout
Longmire, Castle, Elementary, and Arrow
Film Noir and Classics
all kinds
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ibanez grg320sp, ESP LTD MH350fr, fender mustang ii, and Ibanez AG95
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Brian Setzer, George Lynch, Chris Degarmo, and Joe Maphis
About me:

I'm a 44 yearold that loves great guitar music. I love all genres of music from old country to late 80's hard rock and punk. As long there is a great guitar line I'm in. Other interest are old movies I prefer Film Noir and attend many film fest through out the year. As far guitar playing, I sarted when I was around 14 but never took it too seriously, now that I am getting older I am taking a more vested intrest in and doing a lot of self teaching. more to come...

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