Hi guitarists, if you speak french join the "French cancan" group under the community tab, you can also join the "M-II owners" group to share about M-II guitars! - updated 2014-04-02 08:51:03 UTC
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ESP MII, ESP KH-3, Fender Stratocaster American Special, and Jackson Kelly ke-3
music, playing guitar, and computer programming
breaking bad and battlestar galactica
star wars, terminator, and bad taste
metallica, pantera, sepultura, RayVaughan, Mark Knopfler, trash metal, heavy metal, death metal, blues, rock, john williams, rammstein, and gojira
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
mesa boogie rectoverb combo 50, maxon od9, dunlop wha wha cry baby, mxr eq108, tc electronic flashback delay, and tc electronic - polytune
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammett, james hetfield, jimi hendrix, john pettrucci, dimebag darrel, brian may, and joe duplantier
About me:

Hi, I am a french metal fan for long years. Playing guitar since my fifteen but I'm not so skilled. I played alone long time and then with a band. I stopped guitar for few years, but since may 2013, I play each day and try to improve myself.

  • M. Houghes

    I've been playing off and on for 31 years and definitely could have been better if I had picked it up on a consistant basis. I was in several "hair metal" bands in the eighties, which was a lot of fun, but started a family and it kind of fell to the wayside. All I can say is, keep at it.

  • Francky

    Hi musicians, I created a group for the ESP M-II owners, it's called "M-II owners". If you have a M-II (or not) and want to discuss about this great guitar, feel free to join this group. Enjoy!

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To ALL my Friends, check out Some of my NEW PHOTOS, I just Posted on here With Pics of My 2 Lynch Model ESP's and The Orange Quilted Maple Custom ESP Lynch used in the Video "Lynch tearing up the Guitar" on YOUTUBE...... Also......MORE »

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2014-08-28 20:10:54 UTC
I have played both. If you like the 602 you will the like the Mii - they feel very similar.  If feel the neck is just a slight bit narrower on the Mii.  The Mii is a lot better guitar.  The main difference in......MORE »

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