-_- replied to the forum post Tablet Question

2013-12-11 01:55:22 UTC
anyone know where I can find a decent priced iPad? I would go with something else but i already have so much invested in iTunes. ......MORE »

-_- replied to the forum post Low volume amps

2013-12-07 00:57:13 UTC
Im covered for jamming and gigging if I ever decided to play live. and I have the amplitube that I have been using. But I want a new set up for just playing at home. I want it to sound good and have features of a pro rig. But......MORE »

-_- replied to the forum post The something neat you bought (that doesn't deserve it's own thread) thread.

2013-12-06 22:43:36 UTC
I bought  a gallon of milk kill bill 1&2 pack of gum and snickers today  ......MORE »