Road King

Road King replied to the forum post "unacceptable behavior"

2014-07-12 12:56:26 UTC
Since no replies were allowed, I reported the OP for being a phaggot.......MORE »
Road King

Road King disliked the forum post Website Conduct Policy

2014-07-12 12:54:46 UTC
Can be viewed here......MORE »

KFW replied to the forum post So what went wrong?

2014-07-12 08:16:51 UTC
I think people would post more if the old style forum came back. Maybe not all of the original members, but I'm sure a new community would form.  I've been posting at Seven String Forums. It's a younger crowd there so......MORE »

metalhobo posted the forum post "unacceptable behavior"

2014-07-12 07:20:13 UTC
aront no what to say......MORE »

metalhobo replied to the forum post Recorded a few tracks for our demo/EP.

2014-07-11 05:13:39 UTC
getting a kindof demolition hammer vibe from parts of track 2, but you need to make the tone more crushing. Try scooping out the mids and turning up the bass guitar. Less Slayer more......MORE »