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Tondog replied to the forum post Need some advice about my LTD Vulture

If the wood was good, I'd have looked past it. You could get one with a big knot or void in it now. Just sayin.......MORE »

Tondog posted the forum post Very Cool MX250

Not mine obviously. Pretty nice looking fret job too. »

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What would be the possibility of getting serial number (whatever after Bill gets his) 2,3, or 4, in the ESP model, and how would I go about that. I got number 3 of the Butterslax amp, and the only cab with it that they......MORE »

Tondog replied to the forum post ESP MX-220 or MX-250

Nah. FUK EM UP was a 220 that he got in late 1988 or early '89. I saw that one first-hand in June of 1989. Look carefully at the headstock of fuk em banana'!!' That is correct but the banana headstock was......MORE »

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I have the Butterslax amp number 2, and the 15" matching cab. Can I get ESP #1?......MORE »