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2014-08-21 16:03:30 UTC
  Moral of the story is, RZK owns a box of dildos.  Replica dicks of his favorite band that he keeps under his bed or somewhere else in his house.  That is all.   You know goddamn well that's not......MORE »

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How can I have a guitar? :( Comment
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2014-08-21 14:02:40 UTC
There wasn't alot to it ting.  RZK (believe he's always been RZK, don't remember a previous name for him) 's girlfriend bought him that collector set box of dildos and he posted em up.  Everybody gave him shit, and......MORE »

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Just ordered a Snakebyte LTD. Can't wait. Comment
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2014-08-21 12:38:29 UTC
Slab... Many thanks, after a little research I can confirm it is a custom maverick - 1989 model made in Japan. The wife is anything but normal Jeff! cheers everyone......MORE »
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2014-08-21 12:25:04 UTC
Hi,Did you see the new guitar switching system – the SUPERSWITCHER 2 by EC Pedals? They started an INDIEGOGO project for it in order to get some funds and they are selling it in a veryyyy good price!check it out! its......MORE »

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Hello! I`m a new user here and got a question regarding one esp eclipse, and thought you could help me.I am about to buy online an Eclipse fr sw, which according to the seller is USA made and has 2 dimarzio pickups with coil......MORE »

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