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I'm a Detroit born guitarist, singer and songwriter currently focused on shopping my songs for licensing in film, television etc. I play all manners of rock music but primarily riff and groove or ethereal textures. My favorite bands are the Beatles, Zeppelin, the Cure and any George Lynch stuff. I also like heavy bands like Devildriver, instrumental bands ie Russian Circles, some jazz, fusion and Americana.

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All I can say is WOW!! I knew ESP are the best, but I'm blown away by these 40th exhibition guitars!!!!!......MORE »
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No key changes. The bass is chuggier and I think there may be a couple measures missing before the end motif. This is gonna be fun! I love playing F# minor, especially on my fing amazing Alex Skolnick guitar. No whammy tricks......MORE »
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Hey dudes, I'm looking for a custom one off I had made in 1991. Sold it 1993. Unique and one of a kind, the guitar was based off Lynch Kami with smaller Mirage body. Body back and sides are black with custom laser copied......MORE »