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Brian Setzer, Jimi Hendrix, and Ace Freheley
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Kristofer Dommin is the enigmatic frontman for the band Dommin, an American Alternative-Rock quartet that formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  The music has been coined Goth ‘n’ Roll or Rock Wave.  

Dommin’s Roadrunner Records debut, Love Is Gone, released in 2010, was referred to as “the voice of the broken-hearted.”   The songs delved into complex relationships and damaged psyches.  The album’s first single, “My Heart, Your Hands” was featured as iTunes ‘Song Of The Week’ in February of 2010.  Dommin received nominations as Best New Band and Best New International Artist at UK’s Metal Hammer Awards and Kerrang! Awards respectively.

Dommin has toured in the US as support for Combichrist, Volbeat, Black Veil Brides, The Birthday Massacre, Kill Hannah, HIM & Lacuna Coil and played a week of dates on The Warped Tour (2009 & 2010).  In 2010, they supported HIM and Lacuna Coil in Western Europe & the U.K. They returned to Europe that same year to play Germany’s Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park festivals and to open the Main Stage on the final day of the Download Festival in the United Kingdom.  In 2011, the band played the Soundwave Festival in Australia.

Dommin has recorded their follow up to Love Is Gone and will be mixing the album in August of 2014.  The album will likely be released in The Fall of 2014.

Kristofer Dommin proudly uses ESP Xtone guitars.

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