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2014-07-12 16:50:22 UTC
Can be viewed here......MORE »

Ozzfun replied to the forum post "unacceptable behavior"

2014-07-12 16:48:48 UTC
How come many threads have fewer posts than they say they do? Were those posts deleted due to unacceptable behavior? ......MORE »

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2014-07-12 16:47:18 UTC
Do we really have to play this game again?  Tell me how I can violate TOS that I never agreed to.  There were no clear rules when we switched over.  If you recall I even asked what they were so I would be able......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post So what went wrong?

2014-07-12 13:06:30 UTC
I know!  I'm so bored with the internet lately that I started playing guitar again.......MORE »