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ESP, EVH, newvintage, trex, and mxr
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My name is Jeff. AKA Wiretap on the old forums. I play guitar in a band called Norma Jean.

  • jt76

    nice custom shop, I rember when that was arriving on the old forum.  I checked out your band on utube.  nice.  heavy enough to be fun, but still very musical, it like it.  I happend to notice yall are playing here next week. Thats a random conicendence. Anyway I will try an catch yall at the kingdom if I can. 

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Jeff H. liked the forum post Re: NGD! Got my first ESP. Anything special about it?

2014-07-19 16:28:07 UTC
It's too bad we can't see bigger pictures of it.  It looks like the typical M-II layout from the early to mid 90s, but I can't quite put my finger on the top wood (and design?).  Also, I've never seen that......MORE »
Jeff H.

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2014-07-12 20:58:56 UTC
Seems like a good portion of the older members are all friends on facebook. More conversations happen there than on here for sure.......MORE »
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2014-07-12 20:58:05 UTC
I know!  I'm so bored with the internet lately that I started playing guitar again.......MORE »
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2014-07-08 14:55:56 UTC
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2014-07-02 05:23:59 UTC
Thanks. And the LTD's are plenty'a killer guitar!......MORE »