ESP Alexi Blacky, LTD EC-1000vb, ESP Horizon NT Black Satin, and ESP Eclipse Silver Sunburst
playing guitar and baseball
24, sons of anarchy, and american horror story
detroit rock city, the goonies, spinal tap, and true romance
Children Of Bodom, Metallica, Soilwork, and darkest hour
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
EVH 5150
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Alexi Laiho, james hetfiled, Slash, and warren demartini
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ESP Admin replied to the forum post ESP Forest / F Headstock Shape Change

I've always been curious, why has the ESP Forest (F Shape) headstock shape changed over the years for the LTD and ESP models in the USA? Is it to create less confusion with the very similar Schecter Headstock? I find it......MORE »
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ESP Admin replied to the forum post Mobile website vs. PC version

Hi ESP,  I noticed a difference between the mobile and the PC version of the forum website. For example, I can't have the full access of a friend profile (photo album ...) on the mobile version.  Thank......MORE »
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ESP Admin replied to the forum post Ltd 7 string baritone

Can anyone give me a straight answer to whether or not you can tune a 7 string 27" baritone to standard E tuning preferably using 11's or 10's? Thanks.   Hello Zain V. Currently we use 10-56 gauge string sets on......MORE »
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ESP Admin replied to the forum post wiring diagrams

any wiring diagrams for a h51   Hello Richard, Yes we do have most wiring diagrams available for our more popular models, and will be glad to request the production of any wiring diagrams you may need for......MORE »