Blackmachine, ESP, Daemoness, Caparison, DBZ, Fernandes, Reverend, Carvin, Breedlove, and Cordoba
Sketching, Listening to good music, and Video games
Two and A Half Men
Crime-Thrillers, Action-Packed, Fantasy-based, and Animated
Progressive, Hard Rock, and Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
LTD B-5E with Seymour Duncan SSB-5 pickups and STC-3A Preamp, Peavey Amplifications, and Source Audio Programmable EQ
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
John Myung, Steve Harris, David Ellefson, Dave Mustaine, Synyster Gates, Tom Araya, Kerry King, Rusty Cooley, Chris Broderick, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Chris Letchford, Frank Bello, Schumann Zaman, Flea, Gary Holt, Mark Morton, Will Adler, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Gary Moore, and Mark Mitchell
About me:

I'm a very quiet person in general. I do enjoy talking with people and getting to know them. I'm very knowledge hungry. If there is something worth learning and knowing, I'll definitely do it. No matter how complicated it is. Music is a way of life for me. Whenever I'm not amongst people or in a conversation, I'll always have headphones on.

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