ESP Eclipse, Gibson Custom, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, and Taylor Acoustic
Guitar, Songwriting, Composing, Recording, and Teaching
Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Metal!, and Rock
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall, Peavey, Peavey 5150, Marshall JCM 900, EMG Pickups, MXR, Mogami Cables, and Jim Dunlop
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Jimmy Page
About me:

Sydney Ellen is a lead guitarist, songwriter and composer, hailing from Southern California.

A multi-faceted prodigious musician, Sydney was first a trained pianist at age five. Growing up listening to Classic Rock and being heavily influenced by the performance style of Jimmy Page, Sydney expanded her musical talent to the guitar, and ultimately songwriting and composing. After over a decade of curating her skills, Sydney earned a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and still dedicates herself to perfecting her craft every single day.

Trained by Michael Jackson guitarist, Jennifer Batten, and equipped with unrivaled talent and extensive educational pedigree, Sydney has made a seamless transition from dedicated student to professional musician. No stranger to the stage, Sydney has years of experience performing Classic Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Motown, and Pop, but perhaps her greatest skill is her ability to perform on stage with an enviable sense of ease - a skill that has left her decorated with numerous awards as one of the top rising female guitarists in the rock scene. “I was taught that every time I’m on stage it’s my obligation to really put on a show. The audience came to be entertained, and I want them to feel that they got what they came for.” says Sydney. Paying homage to this mantra, Sydney has garnered a rapidly growing worldwide fan base. As a composer, Sydney continues to write music for Film, Video Games, and more - a love that she has kept close to her since the very beginning.

Her cutting edge look coupled with her musical talent and stage presence has earned Sydney various endorsements and sponsorships from clothing and accessory companies, equipment vendors, hair stylists and makeup artists.

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