ESP Horizon III, ESP Forest GT, and ESP LTD M-10
Computer, guitar, bass, models, and fashion
All Gundam series, Anime, Stranger Things, and Daredevil
Who am I, Rush Hour, Iron Man, and The Avengers
J Rock, Metal, and J Pop
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall, ENGL, and Line 6
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Aiji LM.C, Hizaki Versailles, and Makmakmakochan
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SunnyD posted the forum post Question for the ESP fans. Old vs New style F Headstock

Which one do you guys think looks better? I personally think that the old headstock shape was alot more organic, alot more "ESP" and fit much better with the organic shape of the Forest GT, Antelope, and the FRX. Look at......MORE »

SunnyD replied to the forum post Improve/upgrade the LTD logo please :)

I have the same feelings as you man!¬†Don't get me wrong with all of this. I am a huge ESP maniac, a huge ESP nerd, and I've seen the progression of this company throughout the years. I just think it could be so much more. ESP......MORE »

SunnyD replied to the forum post Stainless Steel frets wear out strings faster?

I think not having the strings wear out your frets is alot better than stainless steel frets wearing strings out faster. I mean what's more expensive, a fresh pack of strings that your supposed to change every month or so......MORE »

SunnyD posted the forum post ESP Forest / F Headstock Shape Change

I've always been curious, why has the ESP Forest (F Shape) headstock shape changed over the years for the LTD and ESP models in the USA? Is it to create less confusion with the very similar Schecter Headstock? I find it kind......MORE »

SunnyD replied to the forum post Is the clearance just for U.S?

Each country has their own specific stock (ie country specific models and what not). This site is for ESP USA and this stock is for the US. It's like if ESP Japan decided to have a clearance sale, they¬†probably wouldn't make......MORE »