Just made a 65$ offer for a used BOSS CS-3, i hope he get's back to me. I already have an ISP Decimator and an Ibanez TS9. I need an MXR 10-band EQ, MXR Noise Clamp, Powertrain power supply, and a pedal board...long ways to go - updated
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ESP LTD, ibanez rg, and Jackson Soloist XL
Gaming, Physics, Psychology, World History, Weightlifting, Workingout, and Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
LOST, The Cosmos, TAM, and Silent Library
Deathcore, Deathmetal, and Blackmetal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey 5150, marshall cabs, isp decimator, ibanez tube screamer, boss ns-2, and mxr smart gate
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
marc okubo, matt heafy, and corey beaulieu
About me:

My name is James, im 24 y/o, i started playing and learning guitar at about 16-17. As a child, my dad and i would listen to classic rock, jazz, blues and Black Sabbath. I had A.D.D back in those days, which correlated nicely into what i listen know; Today, i am mostly into the Metal scene, Deathmetal, Deathcore, Blackmetal etc... but i am equally invested in bands such as, The Black Keys, M83, Metric, Foster the People, Of mice and Men, The the Lumineers, Arcade Fire etc...i am always a fan of classical music, at its root; music is very much like physics, and as such, i have been for almost my adult life, it has propelled me even more to pursuit music, and theory of music. I currently own 4 ESP guitar's, along with 1 ESP bass. Guitars are as followed... ESP MH-50 ESP SLAYER-2012 Commemoration edition ESP SC-207/ EMG 707 ESP SC-608b/ EMG 808 ESP B-416SM/ EMG 45DC The rest of my rack is as follows... Ibanez RGD2127Z ISH Prestige/ SD Blackouts Ibanez RGR320EX/ EMG Ibanez RG7321/ DiMarzio Ibanez BTB675 Walnut / Bartolini MK2 Jackson COW-6 / EMG

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