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gibson les paul studio, epiohone, fender squire, fender squire (the nightmare before christmas), and art and lutherie acoustic
Guitar, dirtbiking, cars, motorcycles, guitar customization, family and friends, movies and comics, and sports
big bang theory, guitar center sessions, fast n loud, family guy, and south park
reservoir dogs, nightmare before christmas, pulp fiction, Rudy, we are marshall, Both batman sagas, spiderman, hulk, and horror movies both vintage and new
thrash metal, alternative, surf, rock, mariachi, classical, oldies, and oldies
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
1997 Gibson les Paul Studio, Epiphone custom shop Special II, 2011 Fender Squire, 2002 Fender Squire (the nightmare before christmas), Line 6 75 watt amp, Line 6 wah and affects pedal board, and Art and Lutherie dreadnought acoustic
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hammett, Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Jimmy Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Slash, Dave Mustaine, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Scott Ian, Jesse James Dupree, Buckethead, Dick Dale, Johnny Cash, Tony Iommi, and Tony Iommi
About me:

I've Been playing Guitar For 2 years now. First guitar was an acoustic Art and Lutherie given to me for 8th grade grduation from my family, and 2 months later my aunt bought me my first electric guitar which was a Fender Squire. I've played in a few garage bands, currently playing for church, school regiment, and currently writting personal material. I soon hope to one day play on an ESP guitar and play live and make a name for myself in the music world.

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Rudy Jaime

Rudy Jaime voted on the poll What is your favorite ESP body shape (guitar)?

2014-07-04 05:24:11 UTC
Rudy Jaime voted EC
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Rudy Jaime

Rudy Jaime voted on the poll What do you think,what defines an electric guitars natural sound the most?

2014-07-04 05:24:00 UTC
Rudy Jaime voted The wood materials used
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Rudy Jaime

Rudy Jaime voted on the poll What do you like in ESP guitars the most?

2014-07-04 05:23:07 UTC
Rudy Jaime voted The sound
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Rudy Jaime

Rudy Jaime voted on the poll If u would get guitar lessons from someone, whom would u choose.

2014-07-04 05:22:56 UTC
Rudy Jaime voted Kirk Hammet
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