Zakir H.

Sculptations’ Review

Zakir H.

Learn how Sculptations can help you rewire your brain to start receiving everything you want.

Don’t be the kind of person that sits there wishing for things.  Have you’ve also told yourself you’ll probably never get it?  The truth is, without help you probably won’t or not as quickly as you could.

Once you learn how to recode you mind, YOU CAN get everything you want & you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do.

Just think for a minute.  If you were learning how to fix your car, how hard would it be if you had to figure everything out yourself?  Now, how much easier would it be if you had someone teaching you.

Sculptations’ Review

In this review I’ll go over the following for you:

  • How Sculptations claim to make you a successmaker
  • The amount of time you’ll need each day
  • How Sculptations will help you utilize the Power of your Subconscious Mind
  • Exactly what they claim you’ll be able to attract
  • Find out if you are inviting BAD LUCK into your life
  • My Opinion of Sculptations


They say their program is a brain entrainment science that Rewires, Recodes & Resets your brain wave patterns.  To accomplish this, they’ve taken their audio tracks & imbedded their MRT brain entrainment technology into them along with empowering music.

This entrainment technology has been scientifically proven to positively affect the patterns of your brain waves.

Along with the above, they provide you with: 

  1. Visualization Techniques
  2. Subliminal Guided Imagery scripts
  3. Precise Affirmations for personal growth & Spiritual Growth
  4. Mind titillating music
  5. Guided Relaxation with Calming Music
  6. High Speed Meditation Techniques

This is what helps you tap into your true potential & become that Successmaker at everything you do.

To see what I mean, click Best Guided Meditation.  It’s FREE. They even give you 2 fifteen minute mind-sculpting tracks.  Do try it.  I loved it the first time I listened. Your free tracks include the following:

1.  The first one is the Money Map Wealth track.  They say it’s a wealth frequency that attracts abundance & helps you to develop a Money Magnet Mindset.

2.  The second one is the Sharper Focus track.  This one is to help you end mind chatter & all other distractions that slows up your success.

Sculptations Clock Running



Don’t come up with excuses when it comes to obtaining wealth & abundance.  It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you have at least 5 minutes to spare.

Each track comes in 5, 10 15 & 30 minute sessions.  You can listen to all the tracks everyday or just pick the ones that are in the area that you need extra help in.

You can miss a day or two once in awhile.  Keep in mind, your success depends on how much you’re going to put into this.  If your only going to use Sculpltations once a week then your results will be slowed down drastically.

The only thing you require is a set of head phones & a nice quiet place where you won’t be distracted.


Develop a Super Brain with Sculptations


For maximum success, they teach you how to meditate properly & how to meditate deeply.

Learning this technique will help you to unlock the power of your subconscious mind.  It will also help you put a stop to all the physical & mental blocks in your life that make you think you just have bad luck.

To help you with this, they’ve incorporated the right frequency into their music to alter the conscious mind and bridge the gap with your subconscious mind.  

Science has literally validated the Power of Music   In fact, researchers have published findings verifying that people achieve more by listening to positive, upbeat and inspiring music.


Man with large magnet


If you could have anything you want, what would it be?  Money is what most people want to attract.  I don’t blame them.  You need money to get & do the things you want in life.

Sculptations say their program will help you to Power Your Subconscious Mind to achieve or attract the following or anything else you might want.

  • Attract Wealth & Abundance like a magnet
  • Achieve the body you want or the weight loss you want
  • Have a great relationship & put an end to loneliness
  • Live a Stress & Pain free life
  • Have the mindset that gives you the power to reach your goal quickly & successfully
  • To have Laser Sharp Focus & Motivation & to be able to maintain that mind set for an extended period of time
  •  Helps you to stay focused on manifesting your desires
  • Increases your capabilities of solving problems
  • It provides you with an ideal environment to attract success in every area of your life.

To try it out before you purchase.  Just click, Guided Meditation.


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Destiny


You invite bad luck into your life with negativity.  Have you ever caught yourself repeating or even thinking any of the following?

1.  “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”

2.  “I just look at food and get fat.”

3.  “Why do they have all the luck?”

Many people don’t realize that their subconscious mind automatically starts working towards attracting the things it hears you say or think.  Do you really want to attract the above into your life?

Sculptations will help you Power Your Subconscious Mind through Guided Meditation to increase your success rate.


  • It doesn’t matter what you do you never seem to get ahead
  • You spend too much time thinking about all the negative things that are going on in your life (mental chatter)
  • You dread waking up because your life doesn’t have any excitement or meaning to it
  • You constantly procrastinate
  • You self sabotage your dreams because you’re not brave enough to try. 
  • You’re scared about what people will think & say if it doesn’t work out
  • You have a lot of stress & anger in your life
  • Your life is consumed by sadness or depression

Sculptations puts an end to the above negative emotions.  It’s the above emotions that prevent your Dreams from Turning Into Reality.

coffee cup with My Opinion written on it



I definitely loved the fact that it had different session lengths.  There are some days when I actually don’t have more than 5 minutes to spare.

Love Love Love the High Motivational Music.  If that doesn’t get you motivated I don’t know what will.  I did like the guided meditation tracks better as it stopped my mind from wondering off on what I had to get done that day.

The problem I’ve had with some of the guided meditation programs I’ve tried is the person’s voice.  The last thing you want, when you’re trying to meditate, is having to listen to someone with an irritating voice.  Paul Hoffman’s voice on Sculptations was really easy to concentrate on.  He kind of has a soothing voice.

I found the non guided meditation tracks also good.  It did take awhile until I got to the point where I could just meditate & keep the mind chatter out.  I found them excellent to listen to when I wanted to concentrate on manifesting a particular desire of mine.

This program was definitely quicker than one of my DIY Maifestation Programs

To learn how to reverse your BAD LUCK and start attracting Unlimited Success, Wealth & Abundance as quickly as possible, click on


Hernard Y. Hernard Y.

Brian D.


Brian D.

I got this guitar back in 2013 and it is pure amazing. I put an EMG 81 in the bridge and an EMG 85 in the neck and its great for metal and also has good cleans.




This is my first ESP/LTD guitar. I've come close to buying several LTD models before, but always ended up with a Jackson or Schecter instead. So far I'm loving this guitar. The neck carve is very comfortable. I hadn't ever played an LTD 7 string before so I was a bit nervous about that. I find it much more comfortable than the neck on my Schecter SLS C-7. It's a beefier neck than the flat SLS neck, which for me is way more comfortable. It reminds me of my Jackson SLS3 neck (which is awesome), just wider (obviously since it's a 7).  

I had also never used DiMarzio D-Activator pickups before, and I am definitely sold on these. Super clear, tight, and aggressive tones from the bridge, and the neck is a good compliment for cleans and leads. I was also a little concerned about reviews I had read where some were having issues with these guitars being too dark, but that is definitely not the case for me. I didn't have to tweak my settings at all on my 6505+ or my Mark V, and this guitar slays through either of my amps. The guitar is very resonant, and even bright sounding when played acoustically. It's the "snappiest" sounding guitar I own, which was kind of surprising to me (in a good way) since it's a neck through with mahogany wings. Build quality seems to be very solid and the fretwork looks and feels great. Alex definitely got the specs right on these, it's my new #1 seven string.

Joseph Olea Joseph Olea

Phillip N.

LTD Okkultist

Phillip N.

Currently on Clearance, this guitar is a solid piece that will quickly become a center piece in any heavy, live performance. 

The Duncan Blackout pickups absolutly roar and provide a nice, tight sound. The body style is unique enough to stand out , but not so esoteric as to seem out of place. 
22 XJ frets, Ebony figner board and a maple neck combine well for a rhythm machine, while the V style lends itself well to leads higher up the neck. 
This guitar is built for crushing power and speed, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially while its on clearance.

Abhinav B.


Abhinav B.

A great guitar to buy if you have a tight budget. It haas two ESP LH 150 pickups which are great for metal stuff like shredding. The body is made of basswood which makes it really light weight. The bridge is a Floyd Rose special bridge. It has a volume knob, a tone knob and a 3-way switch. This guitar comes in two colours, i.e. Transparent Black and Transparent Black Cherry.

Pros: 1) Lightweight

2) Good for shredding and metal stuff

3) Great for lead stuff

4) Budget-friendly

5) Really comfortable

Cons: 1) Does not dish out a heavy tone

2) Tuning is really difficult as it is a FR bridge

Conclusion : A great guitar for beginers and intermidiate guitar playes. If you have a tight budget, it's a great guitar to play. If you've got more than around 450 bucks, consider buying something better.

Jed Engutan

Oh Yeah

Jed Engutan

I love ESP!!!!!

Cesar P.

Mark Tremonti

Cesar P.

Mark Tremonti es un excelente guitarrista


Throttle Body - Lead Guitarist


Just a Picture that has that Look of a Gunslinger!! haha


Micheal Paget MP-600 review


Brought this guitar used off Ebay for £500 and from the looks of the hardwear and such, as well as the cae it came in, it's had a well loved and played life. So, let's see how it arrived and how well it's held up to it's privious owner.

First Impressions:
The guitar arrived in it's case (not an offical ESP) fairly well packed and seemed promising. Upon taking it out of it's first box however i was slightly startled to find two of the four locks were missing their hinges and so were doing nothing. However, upon undoing the two remaining locks and opening the case i was glad to comfirm the case had done it's job and the damage to the locks had saved the guitar.
The guitar itself had taken very little damage over time, a suprise considering it's a V and the points almost always chip. The hardwear is a bit rusty but still works flawlessly/


After set up:Wow, this thing blows me away, after slapping on a set of Erine Ball Hybrids (9-46) the guitar is playing like a dream, the only issue I had was that the low E saddle had been cut extreamly high, so high in fact that the string had a tendancy to pop out of the saddle during fast sections, a quick call to my local music store though and it was sorted for free as it was such a minor job.


Sound:The MP-600 comes stock with two EMG pickups; an 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck, classic heavy metal PU configeration and it dosn't disapoint! This thing sounds like a tank coming at you very fast all guns blazing on the high gain channel but despite EMG's getting the rag for having sub-standered cleans, these do give a nice set of them if you back of the volume on your guitar slightly.

Wow, is all I could say to this. Having switched to ESP from Ibanez because the marketing department of the latter compony appears to be full of spanners i was kinda worried that I'd never feel a neck as nice to play as the famed Wizard. boy was I wrong! the Thin U conture of the MP-600 is just amazing, not quite up their with the origial wizard but pound for pound it equals the Wizard II with flying colours! The ONLY complaint I have is the glossed back being sticky when your hands sweet but it's better then most glossed necks I've encountered and for those like me who know a little about building and modifing gutiars, a little bit 1000 grit wet/dry will sort the gloss out no problem.

A Stunning instrument I'm really sad to see discontinued, however it has hooked me on ESP guitars and I expect to see many more of them finding their way into my collection of guitars.

Sergio S. Sergio S.

everything is great, but how do i find surveys? (not polls)

Jarrad M Jarrad M

Damien6669 Damien6669

This guitarded guy is Awesome!

Jan J. Jan J.

Amazing guitar! Sounds huge (what would you expect with EMG pickups), is extremally playable, looks great and once you set it the way you want it it stays that way. Only problems I have hade in the last 3 years with it is a little spot where the finish is botched and the pickup switch which doesn't always work. Only thing I wish wasdifferent is a naural finish on the neck. All that said it's amazing in every way and I love it way more than I should