• Jeff K.

    Welcome to the new ESP Site!

    Hey everyone. Jeff here. I've been the person who has brought you ESP's news for the last eight years or so, and I wanted to welcome you to the new site. We've done a lot of work to make sure that it's really useful to you,...MORE »
  • Jeff K.

    "Being Yourself" in Music

    I first picked up the guitar when I was about seven years old in 1976, and I remember when I had just a few years of playing experience under my belt, people were already saying to me, "You shouldn't try and play like other...MORE »
  • Jeff K.

    Is One Guitar Enough?

    The answer is simple: no. No, one guitar is not enough. Here's why. Different Guitars = Different Vibe Perhaps you really do want every one of your songs, and every part within a song, to sound exactly alike. Hey, we...MORE »
  • Jeff K.

    18+ for Membership

    Hi ESP Fans. Jeff here, with a little news that we hope you'll understand. We've decided to limit the membership for the ESP site to people 18 years old or older. Before you start a protest rally about ESP hating youngsters,...MORE »
  • Jeff K.

    State of the Site: Week One

    Hey ESP Fans. Jeff K., your roving ESP reporter, here to fill you in on the continuing progress of the new ESP site. Yes, the one you're on right now. Here in the USA, most people are getting ready for Thanksgiving, a...MORE »
  • ESP app???

    ESP app???

    Can we get an app for this amazing site???

    ...MORE »
  • Ozzfun

    How To Set Posting Goals For 2014

    Posting goals are a reflection of who you are on this message board. The great Respectable Members of past boards have laid out this holiday tradition to ensure we all make amazing gains each year. Before you set your...MORE »
  • MaxmGuitar


    Ceep calm and rock out

    ...MORE »
  • TheRedBass

    Warped Roadies

    Warped Roadies is a show about what makes Warped tour, well Warped tour, warped tour


    ...MORE »
  • HBD Tosin Abasi!

    HBD Tosin Abasi!

    Yesterday was Tosin Abasi's birthday! Not an ESP player but one of the best player out there....MORE »