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  • Boy, as Much as I LOVE Early Megadeth and Kerry King of SLAYER, It Pathetically Looks Like B.C. Rich Guitar Company/Factory of EL MONTE, Ca at the time,was FEEDING these Guys FREE GUITARS and BASSES!, and TONS Of OTHER Starving L.A. Musicians approx 1983-'86,Weak, LAME BANDS LIKE POISON & Warrant,arguably  B.C. Rich' BIGGEST "FALSE METAL POSEUR" ENDORSEE'S/Endorsers AND Kinda Lame Competition for the MIGHTY Charvel/Jackson of San Dimas, Ca at the Time, and who as former Charvel/Jackson San Dimas, Ca Employee Dave Williams Once Told Me when I Lived in San Dimas, and I was on a  Factory Tour, I asked Him' "How Do You Get A Charvel/Jackson Guitar Endorsement "Deal"?! around 1985, He said You Gotta at least Have a Record Deal, even a Independent,or Underground Record Label Deal will do, and also, the Charvel or Jackson Guitar Is NOT FREE!, just Cheaper price at an "Artists Discount" THATs what I DIDNT LIKE about B.C. Rich at the Time, but Oh well,