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  • Chad17

    Absolutely Flawless,,,,I have this Guitar & I bought mine back in 1993 the back of the Neck isn't solid Black like this one,But I have the exat Pickups in mine that are in this one,The ones Back in the 90's came with the Neck SH-100 ESP P.U. and of Course a Sreaming Demon Bridge. My original Neck Pick up went out back in 2010 and I bough the  George Lynch LiL Screaming Demon instead of the Rail style Pickup it came with,and I'm so glad it's very warm sounding Especially During Solo's....My Skull n Bones Has an SH-6 Seymour Duncan Screm. Dem. in it and it's a Beast Pull/Push on it and the SH-6 splits.. The Snake n Skulls has a Pull/Push knob as well. Very Awesome made Guitars.. I play through a Digitech RP1000 Effects unit and it goes through my JCM900 100 HIWATT GAIN DUAL REVERB, with my JCM1960 B-Cab use to have the A-Cab and Pawned it and was unable to get it back..Worse regret ever..But hey we all learn and Live.. Check out My Album plenty of pics. Also Have my Wife modeling/Posing with my Axes!!!!!  Nothing like a Beautiful Woman with ESP Guitars...