Since we launched the new ESP web site in the fall, plenty of our site members have wondered about the purpose of our siteʼs Point System. Weʼre happy to announce that registered members will now be rewarded in special ways just for being an active member of the ESP community.

What Are Points?

People who register as members here at are given points for almost everything they do on the site. Just registering on the site and filling out a profile gives you points, as does responding to polls, making posts on our forums, posting photos or videos, and much more. A complete list of points and their values can be found here.

Tier One (25,000 Points): Six Months of Online Lessons from Dangerous Guitar

Our first reward for ESP site members for those who hit 25,000 Points: they will receive six months of free online lessons from Dangerous Guitar. Lessons are available for guitar or bass, in all styles, for all levels of musician. Youʼll enjoy six months of those lessons for free, just for being an active member of the ESP community. Learn more about Dangerous Guitar here.

Tier Two (100,000 Points): ESP Site Spotlight on YOU

To reward their exceptional support of ESP, any site member who gets to 100,000 points will be added to our schedule of spotlight artists, featured on the front page of the ESP site as well as our Facebook and other social media outlets. The spotlight consists of a video or photo of you playing your ESP or LTD guitar or bass, along with your bio and links to your music site or social media page. Note that content you submit for your ESP Spotlight is subject to approval by ESP (obviously). We will directly contact all members who cross the 100,000 point mark -- as some already have -- and make arrangements for their ESP Spotlight.

Get the Point?

We want to encourage a great community of musicians here on the ESP site, and to reward those who make it a valuable spot on the Internet. Register for the site now, if you havenʼt done so, and start getting your Points!

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