ESP Eclipse Snowy White II, Jackson RR24, Ibanez UV777, Washburn BT-10, and Yamaha APX900
Horror and Social
Heavy, Thrash, Death, Black, Progressive, Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Djent, and Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Laney Hardcore, Laney IRT60H, Line6 Floorpod, Dunlop Crybaby, and Behrigher DR400 Delay Pedal
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Gus G
About me:

Kiriakos Bouloubasis (GuitarPower), winner of Andy James Guitar Contest (2014), was born in Greece on 22/6/1989. He started his classic guitar lessons at the Municipal Conservatory of Argos Orestiko (Kastoria, Greece) at the age of 8. He continued his music lessons at the Municipal Conservatory of Larisa (Greece), while he took electric guitar and wind instruments lessons such as Trombone and Tuba as well. In 2005 he won the 1st Price at the International Guitar Contest of the International Guitar Festival of Winter at Volos (Greece). He took part in many classic, flamenco and electric guitar festivals, competitions and clinics with great artists such as Marco Tamayo, David Grimes, Ricardo Gallen, Kostas Kotsiolis, Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind, Nightrage, Dream Evil), Guthrie Govan, Andy James, Ioannis Anastasakis (founder, leader and manager of the Greek Guitar Power Team) and others. He used to be member of the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Larisa, the student Symphonic Orchestra “Dimitris Mitropoulos” and the Philarmonic Orchestra of Oichalia (Trikala). In 2012 he took his bachelor degree at the Department of Education (Democritus University of Thrace) and in 2015 he took the Master Degree of Special Education at the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). He works as a private school and guitar teacher for the last 6 years. Also, he performs a variety of live shows as a session guitarist with blues, rock, folk and metal bands.

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