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music, beer, and photography
not really
have seen a few that are ok
metal, rock, blues, jazz, folk, country, blugrass, classical, prgressive, punk, hiphop, and rap
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
marshall jcm800 2205, blackstar ht 100, mesa f30, fender 69 bandmaster, fender 68 bassman, fender 68 deluxe reissue, fender deluxe reverb ii, fender princeton reverb ii, bunch of various solid state amps, 2 mesa mark iii 4x12s, aguilar tone hammer 500, ampeg svt 412, and suhr mxr an tc electronics pedals
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
roy buchanan, david gilmour, peter green, joe satriani, garey moore, van halen, and stevie ray vaughn
About me:

I am currently a small business owner selling and fabrication of stone countertops, I have worked as an industrial engineer, a food scientist, a radio dj, a tile mechanic, an asistant elementary school teacher and a farm hand. i have played various instruments, in metal bands, rock bands, country bands, blugrass bands, folk bands, blues bands, punk rock bands, played jazz and classical in school bands. I play guitar, bass, saxaphone, piano, and mandolin. I sing a bit and I also play drums but not very well. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different pickup combinations and wiring setups. I am also an amature photographer and I like to travel when I can.

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jt76 replied to the forum post Please Help Identify My LTD Guitar S/N 44685

its an LTD MII - should date to around 1996 it later became the model  M200 Similar quality to the 1000 series now.  Came stock with duncan design pickups  HB103 pickups if I remember correctly.   the HB103 is duncan......MORE »

jt76 replied to the forum post ESP 400 Series

They are usually market NY and a date if I remeber off the top of my head if they were assembled in the 48th street shop.   The quality of the guitar definitely supports that $900 price.   I am suprised they sell as low as......MORE »

jt76 replied to the forum post ESP 400 Series

It is an early model, the slightly more rounded or V shaped headstock tips on your guitar and the cream one that I own.  Compared to the later models,  the Red Tele and the Black ST Impossible for me to give you an exact......MORE »

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