esp horizon, esp the mirage, esp 400 series tele, esp custom shop tele, esp vintage plus strat, esp xj6, esp xj12, esp eclispe archtop, esp b1 bass, many ltds, 2 xtones, and and a bunch of non esp guitars
music, beer, and photography
not really
have seen a few that are ok
metal, rock, blues, jazz, folk, country, blugrass, classical, prgressive, punk, hiphop, and rap
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
mesa f30 head, laney lionheart 20 head, blackstar ht100 head, 1968 fender bassman 50 head, fender deluxe reverb II, mesa 4x12 halfback cab, rivera custome 2x12 cab, 1968 fender 2x15 cab, barber electronics pedals, tc electronics pedals, mxr pedals, and various other equipment
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
roy buchanan, david gilmour, peter green, joe satriani, garey moore, van halen, and stevie ray vaughn
About me:
I am currently a small business owner selling and fabrication of stone countertops, I have worked as an industrial engineer, a food scientist, a radio dj, a tile mechanic, an asistant elementary school teacher and a farm hand. i have played various instruments, in metal bands, rock bands, country bands, blugrass bands, folk bands, blues bands, punk rock bands, played jazz and classical in school bands. I play guitar, bass, saxaphone, piano, and mandolin. I sing a bit and I also play drums but not very well. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different pickup combinations and wiring setups. I am also an amature photographer and I like to travel when I can.
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jt76 replied to the forum post Post your LTD's

left to right row 1 - mid 90's ltd miii,mid 90's ltd mii, kh 502, mid 90's mii, ec256, ec256, mid 90's ec 200, viper deluxe, mid 90's ltd horizon, mid 90's ltd horizon row 2  - mid 90's the mirage, mid 90's exp,......MORE »

jt76 posted a comment on the comment Favourite ESP / LTD mods

Considering it does about 80 different sounds it would be a very long clip.  When I get a chance I will see what I can come up with that is not to long. Maybe just a sample to show some to the most distinct variations.......MORE »

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Modification of mid 90' s  LTD MIII Removed duncan design 59 n, duncan design hot rails m, duncans design distortion b and all electronics Replaced switch, pots, and jack. Installed Dimarzio paf 36th neck, Dimarzio......MORE »

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Tone chasing can become an obsession.  Understanding the tone you are trying to acheive is important.  In many cases the sound you hear on a recording is an ideal tone created by studio technique.  Speaker......MORE »

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I like an OCD for boosting an already distorted channel.  Produces some really nice mild to moderate breakup for a clean channel also.......MORE »