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Metallica is one of the bests groups of the world (for me The best!!)

If you love them join us !

  • Zealmet

    Metallica is cause of my being here, because my fancy to ESP began from Metallica, and I thank them for it and for many other things. And I glad to be here. I was at the many lives of different bands, but the Metallica's live in Moscow in 2010 was the greatest show that I ever saw, and yet you couldn't see in each of them even a bit of arrogance, they just were giving the awesome mix of drive and positive 

  • M. Houghes

    I saw Metallica for the first time during the "Ride the Lightning" tour in Germany and it was awesome. The only downfall was being crushed against the front stage barricade...had to have security pull me out of that one. I own a KH-2 and it is by far the best playing guitar in my opinion.

  • Jadeloriann

    Metallica collection for sale CDs and Vinyls

    Still have +/- 300 items for sale

  • Eric The Red

    Love my Snow White snakebyte!  James hetfield is the man!

  • Eet Fuk

    The riffs of Metallica, and the sound of those ESP Explorers FOREVER!!!

  • Chris

    I am a HUGE Metallica and ESP fan! The only reason I started playing guitar 26 years ago was because of Metallica!

  • JamminJay

    I just recently order the LTD Kill'Em All Guitar because it looks so sweet!!!!

    Brings me back to my teen years when the album was unleashed to the public. 

    I haven't recieved it from FedEX yet.

    I'm getting mine on Dec.31, and my question is.....

    Does anyone happen to know why out of only 300 ESP LTD Metallica Kill'Em All guitars made worldwide some of them have a Silver Metallica Inlay in the fret board and some are in Red?

    What's the reason for the color change?