About Group

a group for fans of morbid angel, deicide, death, obituary, decapitated, carcass, napalm death, etc

fans of technical death metal, grind core, old school death metal, blackened death metal you name it.

talk about recent releases, gigs, memory's of past or recent shows.

  • FenrirWolf17

    Hey guys.

    thought I'd kick things off by asking, what are your top albums of 2013 ?

    mine at the moment are:

    1. Carcass - surgical steel

    2. Watain - the wild hunt

    3. Autopsy - the headless ritual

    4. Immolation - kingdom of conspiracy 

    5. Exhumed - necrocracy

    6. suffocation - pinacle of bedlam

    7.  Darkthrone - the underground residence 


    • Max W.

      Hell - curse an Chapter
      Sodom - Epidome of torture
      Annihilator - Feast
      Satyricon - Satyricon
      The Idiots - Amok
      Black Sabbath - 13
      Iron Man - South of the Earth
      Watain - The Wild Hunt