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A group dedicated to Metal Heads! \m/ Feel free to promote bands/music or post comments and questions for the members of the group to discuss. \m/

  • Loka

    \M/ Dimeovision \M/

  • Loka

    So who's excited for the new albums coming out for 2015 - 2016?

  • Alex Rausa

    www.facebok.com/devolvingmessiah Check it out if you want to hear a good Brutal death metal band. Come catch us on tour in August starting August 5th with Viscera trail (isreal) and Psychiatric regurgitation.

  • axeliano m.

    rock an roll

  • axeliano m.


  • axeliano m.

    nice ggggg

  • Dale T.

    Check out my BROS.

  • Michael KW.

    hey guys. i dont want to come across as one of those lazy guitarists who say they really want to learn sweep picking, but then arent interested in doing the work, but i need help. i learned the caged system 2 months ago so i know arpegios it'd just be really helpful if u could give me some practicing techniques other than just playing the arpegios or direct me to a good youtube vid

    • Brandon W.

      I would also strongly reccomend Guitar World Magazine they usually have some pretty good articles and TABS with exercies that help with sweep picking. \m/ Rock on man! \m/ 

    • Brandon W.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj0YzdfrbxM Check this video out! I like it because it has tabs and you can learn it at your own pace. I can't stand videos where a guitarist sits there for half of the video talking and i do nothing but waste my time.I hope this is what you are looking for. To be honest just learn sweep picking patterns and practice them over and over until the pattern is muscle memory, and then use the pattern in differnt keys. I'm not quite sure what kind of learner you are but these videos help me to progress in my guitar playing hopefully they can help you too! 

  • GuitarHitler G.

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