• Kean B.

    I have been playing since i was 4 years old and I just love playing the guitar, I have been using ESP/LTD guitars since i got my first real electric when i turn 13, it was a ESP/LTD Mh-50 but after i while i broke it :( but then i got a ec 200 qm and i custmized it to be own and i love it :)

  • Peter W.

    Been playing guitar 15 years and recently switched to ESP when I bought a custom Standard Series  Horizon 7. As you can imagine being a left handed 7 string player is a drawback for the choice of guitars available.







  • kelly w.

    Hey Been playing on and off since I was 15, If anyone could help me figure out some things I maybe forgot it would be great.

  • Intecer A.


    Hehe KH

  • Intecer A.

    just started playing guitar.. it's been 1 year and some months only... working on it hard... 

  • DanieLibuy

    Hi there! I'm Daniel, and I play guitar since I was 8, now I'm 23 and play every-single-day of my life!

  • Eet Fuk

    15 years of playing guitar, 2 moths of playing ESP. 

  • MaxmGuitar

    Visit me on YouTube "MaxmGuitar" !Hey That's My ESP LTD M-10 :D And The Song With You by Jaded Heart :D Leave a comment and Abo me :P



    hi from Madagascar!! well, my first guitar was a gift, an Epiphone les Paul bought in Japan 5 years ago, since then, i wanted to test as many kind as possible, so after the les paul, there was an SG, an ES 335, (all from epiphone), then came the ibanez, GSA, the SA and an RG, i discovered ESP LTD guitars with an EX 50, loaded with the LH 150, i was a bit surprised by these pickups, especially the neck one!!! they were damn good!!! so, as a fan of les paul shaped guitar, i decided to buy en EC with LH 150, then came the EC 256!! what a versatile guitar, all the sounds were nice!!! from the splitted coil sound on clean mode to the high gain humbucker sound, astonishing for the price!!! then i wanted to upgrade my les paul, so i loaded her with a Dimarzio Petrucci on the neck position, and an EMG ALX on the bridge (yes, weird configuration), i pretty liked the EMG sound (though the cleans are ... so so), so i decided that my next guitar would be an EC loaded with EMGs!! now i live with an EC 401, really happy with her :) 


  • Jordan

    7 years of playing. ESP SV Standard.

  • PeioarrakadA

    Hello, Im Peio,

    I have just made a poll and maybe you could take a look to it.

    You can click on this: http://www.espguitars.com/polls/1963242

    thank you

  • Thord K.

    Hello, I'm Thord, guitarplayer and vocalist in the swedish heavy metal band Gallows End.
    My main guitars are a 2010 ESP M-II CTM and a 2009 ESP M-II, I also play some clean stuff on an LTD Superstrat.

    If you have the time i would appreciate if you check out our facebook page and listen to some songs:) for those of you who has Spotify available you can find our album Nemesis Divine there:)



  • David C.

    Hi, I'm David, I'm 23 and I live in Poland. I've been playing the guitar for 13 years and the ESP guitars for more than five. I play the LTD H-500 in See-Thru Black loaded with a set of EMGs. Actually I'm planning to buy a second ESP LTD guitar. Cheers \m/

  • Federico C.

    Hi , My name is Federico, i'm 18 and i play guitar since i was 12( six years). Listen my band on fb, Revolving Bullet ;) thanks /m/

  • Trayad Ira-Omega

    Hello from Spain!

    I play music for 10 years. My first guitar was a "koholer" natural finished. 2 years later an Ibanez S470 DXQM-NF. Past Year I bought an ESP Horizon Custom Made. Best Guitar Ever I Had! Now I play in my band "Atlantair". 


  • Max D.

    I play music for 20 years (trombone at first) and guitar for 10 years. My first guitar was a little Ibanez GSA-60, then I had a LTD Eclipse EC-400 (the transparent red one)... Now I own an Ibanez Prestige S series, that I upgraded with a kit of Dimarzio (D-Sonic and Paf Pro), I own a little Jackson DKMG that I upgraded with 2 EMG's 81, and since 2010, I am the owner of an ESP Signature Series Eclipse "Sun" Esa Holopainen (Amorphis), which is one of the best guitar I played in my life... Go check the pictures on my profile and like it, because you can't find that guitar on ESP website, it's really hard to see Esa Holopainen playing with it, I had to order it directly to ESP Japan... I am really proud of that awesome guitar.

  • Michal K.


    I am playing fot almost 14 years. Started with my old Ibanez guitar (equipped with SEYMOUR-DUNCAN SH-8N BLK- actually a great sound).But last year I bought a 7-string LTD H-1007 STBLK, which amazed me! For the first time I grabbed it in my hand, I knew that I must own her! :-)

    Next time, maybe, I will try some 8-string beauty (should be Carpenter´s signature model)...

  • Aleksander


    I'm playing guitar since few years. Now i'm playing on some relic guitar and I want to get Kirk Hammet's KH-330 BLK signature guitar.

    ESP Rulz!

  • Gerard D.

    Great new site!!!!

  • Travis L.

    Hey guys

    Ive been playing guitar for many years. I own a Kh-603 Neck thru, and ESP M-II NTB and an ESP Ex. All three guitars are amazing!