• FlanPlan

    ESP LTD EC 256 Chinese?



    So I recently bought a new LTD EC 256 from zzounds for something to practice with. ALLEGEDY this was supposed to be an Indonesian guitar (this is probably a zzounds issue) but she's Chinese according to the back of the headstock. Not a big deal, guitar seems to be pretty solid in quality (it did require a little setting up,) but my question is that is this normal for this model? Because it looks pretty different than others I've seen  

    It doesn't have the model number inlay on the 12th fret (it's just another flag inlay there instead) and the fretboard is 100% without a doubt ebony (it's supposed to be rosewood) I'm also pretty positive it isn't Mahogony either.

    The serial number on the back is RS17051028 

    thanks in advance! 

    • Savoy

      Same exact thing happened to me as well on my 2017 snow white 256 and mine was from Sam Ash. I was actually expecting it to be made in Vietnam like my buddy's 256 so I was let down by the Chinese version (not that it should have been a huge difference). I compared the two and noticed the Chinese one has a significantly thicker neck and was lighter in overall weight than the Viet. Unfortunately the fret buzz was unbearable on mine and I will be returning it.

      About the 12th fret, the ESP admin mentioned that they are phasing out the model numbers on the fret board due to popular demand in a previous thread. My serial number was also RS17xxx. I am guessing they are just moving more of their entry level models over to China due to cheaper labor but that's just me.

      I really wish ESP would list their neck profile measurements and overall weight on all of their guitars.. 

      • FlanPlan

        Dude I completely agree and yeah I am going to return it too and buy an EC-1000. I've been spoiled by Jackson and their superb mid range guitars haha 


        The 256 has a ridiculous amount of fret buzz that I personally couldn't get rid of without setting the action REALLY high and I'm honestly just disappointed in it. It's been a long time since I had an LTD and I was expecting a lot more. 

    • Savoy

      I Just ordered my ec1000 piezo last night lol. Lets hope this one lives up to the hype or else i might be taking a dip into the Jackson pool myself..