• Death Magnetic

    you sound just as confused as you are, and to be that way at 53? well hey as long as you're not armed, maybe we can kick it, but you wall street journal fox news fags will kill and call it an accident and then get away with it.

    • Bojomojo Jones

      Please don't be a hater and hurl it my way.  I have been happily married for 25 years, have twin sons, own my own home, and pay huge taxes.  My reason for not buying the ESP USA ECLIPSE is based on fiscal responsibility.  I would love to buy that guitar but I'm saving for College when both my sons start at the same time.  I have at least a dozen guitars purchased when I was out touring and have three killer amps that keeps me going.  It makes me grateful that I know how to play so many songs and that at 53 I am in 2 bands that pay well because of the maturity level of the band mates and their talent.