• Bojomojo Jones

    Trouble with Republicans?  The problem is with the Democrats & Obama.  Buy the Wall Street Journal for a month and open your eyes to the truth.  Stop watching local TV news -the mainstream  media - and DVR FOX NEWS starting at 5PM until you normally get home.  Watch the  Megan Kelly show.  Watch Neal Cavuto.  O'reilly is an egotistical blowhard so skip him.  Sean Hannity is for the extreme right so I'd avoid him as he might offend your view of the world.

    personally there is a lot of hard truth out there to change your mind.  I am a guitar player who was once a liberal and am now an independent.  I started playing guitar in 1970 at 10 years old.  Around 20 I became a Democrat. Being in a band means constantly meeting new people and exchanging ideas. An older guitarist challenged me to see what makes me click in my perception of my worldview.  I started watching The Mcglaufin Group, reading National Review and the editorials from the Wall Street Journal.  It changed me for the better.

    In 1972 I purchased my first real guitar that I still have today for $250.00 dollars.  Recently I was offered $4,000.00 for it.  When I die my entire collection goes to my sons.  My father in 1973 purchased 3 mint pre-CBS STRATOCASTERS  and 2 pre-CBS TELE's blackguards.

    I wanted to buy an ESP guitar - however, it lists for $3,999.00.  Way too pricey for this old dog.  I am 53 years old, still have all my hair, physically fit, and currently in 2 classic rock bands.  Long live Rock and Roll.


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