• darius m.

    I agree .... two things sucks in new Horizon's....first is headstock and second is price. I still guess Japan made guitars are better than US made. This is true. The only different is logo made in Japan and made in the US. Also the true is this "new" headstok does not match to rest of guitar. Horizon completely lost its character and sharp look. I own ST-1 made in Japan and paid for it $ 1,499.00 and can't imagine better quality for sound and craftsmanship than this. So new M series made in US got prise almost three times more and I doubt for better quality than Japan made. This like with cars. Any Toyota or Subaru or other Japan made car is many times better and defect free if made in Japan than the same model made in the US. But price.......no logic explanation. Union labor?

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