• Nicholas C.

    The e11 logo looks stupid as hell. I have owned a esp m2 standard series for over 10 years and it is the greatest playing guitar ever. Was interested in the fr 7. But now it has the stupid m11 at the head stock, now I will not buy it. I love esp not e11 what ever the hell that stands for.

    • Steve g.

      I've got a few e s p standards .... THE best guitars EVER made .. Why the name change .... It sucks you just don't feel your getting the real thing. Some have said the e2 is the same... Others..... Not.... All I know is why f$&@ up a great thing. Esp was THE best to deal with always great!!! It seems thay went the way of to big buissness. I'd hate to see them fall but everyone I know has had nothing that good to say about this. I haven't even seen an e2 around yet to see how good thay mite be. I'll never part with my old M2s thay are AND will be the best....... Esp... Fix this bring back the standards!!!!!!! That say esp be proud of that name .... I am when I play them!!!! By the way to replay to a few out thair that said its only a name.... Would you buy a Chevy that did not say Chevy .... No!!!