• Osvaldo T.

    I don't know how they're faring, but they seem to be of lower quality than the ESP Standard Series models. Many people are complaining of finish flaws, guitar feel, sound, etc. Some people even say that LTD quality is even better.  I really want to try one out to confirm that.

    They really seem as an ''affordable'' LTD Elite/ESP Standard Series gap guitars.

    Really looking forward to owning one someday, but first I must prove they're really worth the investment.

    Until then... I'll think I'll go for the Alex Skolnick LTD Guitar! It seems amazing! 

    • guitargirlemg81

      What people are complaining on finish flaws, sound, etc? Are you referring to the guy in the other thread? 

      I already played the E-II Horizons and they are essentially the same as the old standards and elites and they feel and sound the same. It's possible that the production quality dropped but by grabbing a bunch of these and by talking about them with guys who played them I doubt that's true.