• Osvaldo T.

    Exactly. ESP wants to market them as new, affordable ESP Standards; but they don't really seem like the Standards at all! They look more as LTD Elite brand instruments and definitely not in the same category of the new ESP Original and USA Models.  Some LTD Elite models are E-II branded now. The Standard Series will definitely be missed once they're taken out of the market.


    Just wanted to spark some discussion about the topic.

    Express your thoughts!

    • Torsten

      I've no doubt they're not the same as the old ESP Standards.  The LTD-Elites are already gone...I think ESP did it's customers a disservice by even introducing the LTD-Elites, sticking their customers with a high-priced "LTD" branded guitar, then pulling the rug out from under them and changing them to E-II at the same price.  

    • davedeath

      UGH people E-II is the new standard seris ESP,same with the former LTD Elite. ESP was mad because people were importing the SS ESP in japan(which are export only), they wanted to keep the ESP name custom shop only. Its made on the same line with the same people, straight from my dealer who i've known my entrie life. Hes been working with same rep for over 10+ years.  


      also ofcourse theyre not ESP Orignials or USA models, those are custom shop guitars. duh