• Jeff H.

    Plenty of things have already been said, but I think one thing especially that you fail to realize is that, technically, the Standard Series was the sub brand. It was for export, and not really worried about or focused on at all in Japan. This was one of the issues, they wanted to return the name to being only available on and associated with their highest grade models. The original series has been around for years, available in Japan. 


    That said, to beat the dead horse of the replies: the E-II brand IS the Standard Series. It is cheaper because the name is different. That's pretty obvious. You are no longer being up charged for the ESP namesake. The description you heard in the NAMM videos of bridging the gap, this is what the case has ALWAYS been. The Standard Series was an affordable alternative to the Original and Custom Shop. Which to reiterate on the Original series, like I said, has been around forever and is also built in the custom shop. It is not a factory model line. Hence the price.