• Leo Vannucci

    I own both an ESP Standard Horizon FR-7 and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. The LP was about 4 grand including taxes while the ESP was about 2200. The ESP is LEAPS forwards in quality, materials, finishing, attention to detail, etc. The ebony board on my Horizon is just amazing, and the whole guitar is perfect.


    The Gibson, costs about twice, and in comparison, it feels like a toy... the fretboard is rough, the binding is not great, the finish has orange-peel spots in some areas. If the ESP Standard is that much better, I guess the ESP Original series should be even better.

    • Death Magnetic

      Maybe they finally priced them accordingly then.

      richlite sucks. and yes my esp standard that I had stood up to a gibson custom, but the gibson was still punchier, better looking and a little more solid. for the price, the esp won, obviously. but still. i'm all about these new esp usa's and originals if they crush the gibson custom shop. i hope they do.