• Death Magnetic

    see through black sunburst

    this eclipse looks fantastic, for 5000 you better hope and pray it stand up next to the new gibson custom r8 and r9's.

    • RZK


    • Dave R.

      No hope and prayer necessary, it's a serious player I assure you. 

    • Leo Vannucci

      I own both an ESP Standard Horizon FR-7 and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. The LP was about 4 grand including taxes while the ESP was about 2200. The ESP is LEAPS forwards in quality, materials, finishing, attention to detail, etc. The ebony board on my Horizon is just amazing, and the whole guitar is perfect.


      The Gibson, costs about twice, and in comparison, it feels like a toy... the fretboard is rough, the binding is not great, the finish has orange-peel spots in some areas. If the ESP Standard is that much better, I guess the ESP Original series should be even better.

      • Death Magnetic

        Maybe they finally priced them accordingly then.

        richlite sucks. and yes my esp standard that I had stood up to a gibson custom, but the gibson was still punchier, better looking and a little more solid. for the price, the esp won, obviously. but still. i'm all about these new esp usa's and originals if they crush the gibson custom shop. i hope they do.

    • Joost

      ESP's build quality is amazing. Gibson build quaility is far from amazing. So go for ESP :D

    • Joost

      ESP originals are custom made so you bettah believe they worth it!! :P


    • 6-String

      The Originals are production models built in the Custom Shop by the same employees that build the customs and they pick the wood from the same stack of wood used to build the customs.

      • Death Magnetic

        What about the USA series?

        • 6-String

          They are also production models but built in a brand new shop in the USA not Japan. Both the ESP USA and Original Series guitars are top notch in every possible way and on par with the Japan Custom Shop guitars. The new USA shop does not take custom orders at this time (I am not hinting they might at some point, there has been no talk about that) so although the skill set of the people building the USA guitars is extremely high and they possess the ability to do so I would not call it a "custom shop" unless your custom happens to be one of the 3 models they are building in one of the finishes they are offering them in (one of nine possibilities) Hell even the cases are so sweet and built in the USA. ESP really did a great job with the new USA series. I have been to the new shop a few times and was very impressed with everything I saw from finished guitars to parts of guitars. It isn’t a Ford assembly line pounding out cars, the guitars are every bit as nice and flawless as the MIJ Customs.

          I am not sure if you remember but around mid to late 2000's ESP had several models they offered as "Custom" Shop guitars. They were the Eclipse, Horizon and Viper (might have been other models too). They were also built in the same custom shop in Japan like the Original Series, they have the "K" serial number. I guess the idea is that if they are building the same guitar model over and over maybe a dozen or so at a time they can build them faster and keep the cost down because there isn’t the time involved in quoting the cost to the dealer to give to the potential customer, sourcing different parts for one guitar, setting up different jigs for one guitar and mixing different colors of paint or stain. The guitars are the same, not one off customs but the quality is the same. The original series has also been available in Japan for a long time, it isn’t a new series but has only been available to the Japanese market up till recently. I get so excited when the new guitars come in. The craftsmanship is pretty unreal, the tops look so good it is amazing, it is hard to capture in the photos but the tops look like they are 3 dimensional and you want to reach your hand into the top and feel the wood grain but then remember it is flat hahahaa.