• ChainOfThought

    Haha yeah I know what you mean.  Largest chandelier, hanging right over a 60,000sq ft carpet.  The whole thing is definitely an absolutely impressive thing to behold.  I'd been to Abu Dhabi a couple of times before actually going in and touring it and it still hasn't lost that 'holy, shit.' effect when driving by and seeing it from the highway.

    Here's a shot from sitting at our hotel pool.  I'm not really big on going to the pool but my wife is, so I figured I'd compromise and carry the camera down to play around with it.  I wound up like 100 or so shots of water like this   Anyways the Grand Mosque is the structure thats hazed out in the background.  It was not far from our hotel, across a small body of water, but I unfortunately had an obstructed view from the pool area and our room was on the other side of the hotel.