• ChainOfThought

    Haha yeah I know the frogs are, it was the best of 5 or so shots though.  That one I remember I was using the 300mm lense and had to zoom fairly far in.  Shooting through some scratched up glass and past a light.  Between the heavier lense, longer shutter speed and hand-held shooting...plus being rushed by the wife...I wound up without a great shot.  But with the way the frogs happened to be sitting, I just couldn't pass up using it anyways, that pose is just too cool IMHO.


    ill get the specs on #5 later.  That is a shot standing right next to the front of the grand mosque, looking up at the detail work done on the side (you can sort of see it from the front-on shot I posted, all the stuff to the right of the main entrance.  It was with the tamron 10-20 lense, I only used that lense at the mosque that day, the rest I'll have to look up. 

    edit: Tamron 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM

    ISO100, 20mm, 0EV, f/9, 1/320

    Here's the original.  For most of them I don't take so much liberty in totally CHANGING the coloration, I just enhance the shit out of whats there.  This one, however, was more deliberately done as a desktop wallpaper and I wanted it to be blue


    Thanks for for the comments. I feel a little guilty about doctoring them so much....but they just look so much better when the colors are exaggerated and in some cases the definition is brought up a few notches.  Maybe I'll post some originals for comparison.