• ChainOfThought

    Its probably me, I tried direct linking to my shared iCloud account rather than uploading them here or elsewhere.  I'll fix them at some point.


    Ok, finally got them uploaded here and posted.



    I finally got my DSLR brought to me out here, so I'm gonna be trying to take more/better pictures from all the places I visit while travelling for work.  For now what I have to share are mostly pointed at being desktop wallpapers.  All of these have been (mostly heavily) touched up in iPhoto... I'm a pretty big fan of the over-saturated look, so, yeah.

    Anyways, these are all from Amman, Jordan; Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE; and Doha, Qatar.  No particular order, so if you want to know exactly what one of them is just ask.

    These were all shot on a Nikon D5200, using either a Nikkor 18-55mm & 55-300mm or a Sigma 10-20mm that I picked up during the trip.