• exhibit-sbt

    Cool dude, glad to get some feedback from ya.  Yeah, we really just wanted to get the songs done and out to help get shows going.  We plan to revisit the recorded in the Spring and make a more nobel effort and add 2-3 more tracks, round out an album then hit the road early Summer.  Theoretically of course.  Already pretty much every solo is played differently and ceratin parts have been adjusted for more intensity/or made more interesting.   Definitely aiming to keep the old schoolness going on.   Our singer's getting more and more aggressive sounding and he was actually our second lead (NOT singer).  So it'll be interesting to see what he sounds like by Spring.  

    9 fucken shows booked in the upcoming months, so I'm sure you'll be able to catch us somewheres when you're back!  Just hit me up.