• donting
    ♥messiah♥ wrote:

    An ESP custom shop would be (marginally) better sounding and playing than a Squire.  The point of a watch is to tell time and phone does that just as well.


    A phone will tell the time, and dare I say date, day and month as well, better than a mechanical wrist watch. i think everyone knows that.


    But that is not the point. And if you are never going to 'get it' as you are not interested in horology or even simply what  enjoyment there is in wearing / owning a quality wrist watch. Why own a porshe 911 when the speed limit is like 55mph in your country? A ford focus will do the same and get you from A to B.. Each to their own is what I say


    Don't buy an esp custom if you can't play guitar or are not interested in a well built high quality handmade instrument. Simple as that really, buy something your interested in.