• donting
    slab wrote:

    yes, i bought it only to find i didnt like it on my wrist,

    as i never really wore wrist watches and i had the cash....oyster perpetual datejust in stainless and 18k gold;

    this was the late 80s and that's what all the players had-

    bought used from an authorized dealer and turned a tidy sum of $200US, so no worries


    oh, it would lose time....20 seconds a day


    20 seconds a day?? Sounds like it needed a proper service as it was clearly broken. None should loose more than 4-5 seconds per day MAX. All mechanical watches need servicing around every 5 years to clean and re-oil the parts and replace worn elements. That's why it was loosing a minute every 3 days.


    if you leave the explorer 1 crown down it won't even loose a second. I've not made any adjustments since I bought it. Should it loose more than 5 seconds then id send it back as it has a 2 year guarantee.