• donting
    exhibit-sbt wrote:

    I'd imagine that wearing a Rolex specifically for traveling is just advertising to the wrong people which arm to chop off.  :lol  

    I didn't buy it specifically for travelling, I've had my eye on it for over a year, before we decided to take a few months off to travel (again). But while travelling, I saw 1 2nd hand which made me want it then and there. But ended up buying from the rolex store directly in the end for the brand new model (old 36mm new 39mm with improved movement, braclet, clasp, etc)


    it just so happens it is ideal for travelling, as it is the most discrete watch in the rolex range, also rugged and reliable. But when I get home I can put on a suit and it won't look out of place there either. Worth noting that it was the watch worn by the first man to scale Mount Everest. We will be at base camp in about 4 weeks time. Although unrelated to my purchase, just a note.


    no one is going to hack my arm off for this round where we are going (and have been), there is more chance of me being mugged in london for it. But let's face it it's not a solid gold submarina which is screaming drug dealer. It's a discrete watch which no one even notices, that's the point and that's why i like it. Especially in asia with a backpack strapped to my back, anyone who even knows anything about wrist watches would probably assume it was a fake, if not a watch enthusiast who would not want to chop my arm off.


    we're not in Nigeria or the back streets of Cape Town. I've been living in asia for the last 8+ years. There is more chance id get robbed in LA or Detroit than in Siam Reap