• guitargirlemg81



    I can only get the author's name in the first quote on multiple quoting.

    The reply button makes no sense now, so refraining to use it is the best idea in order to keep the correct line of time from the top to the bottom. It would be wise to get rid of it if possible in case that anyone who does not know how to use a forum doesn't mess the line. Also I made a big post but I accidentaly clicked delete and without asking for confirmation the post was gone so there's that. Plus the edit and delete post options sometimes won't show so you have to refresh the page to fix this.

    Honestly, switching to ezboard or the like would have instantly made the forum much more functional. I imagine it'd be much less of a hassle to do this than fixing this thing, but whatevs.

    Ugh, this duplicates after the ...read more.