• guitargirlemg81
    donting wrote:

    I 2nd omess' motion


    i can't even post my new gear day pics even after uploading them to this system or post links to them. What a pile of bullshit


    ESP has lost a customer in me, and it purely down the boards. I'll stick to Suhr and James Tyler for my new customshop quality guitars going forwards, which are far superior to anything ESP could possibly put out, and I have 5 ESPs. 2 will go on sale shortly and I will never seek to buy another one again.



    Basically, I was a member of these boards since 2002. That's 12 years. Jeff K you have the nerve to tell someone like RK that you're looking forward not backwards? The forum has been COMPLETELY RUINED and you have successfully drove pretty much all the traffic it once had away with this ridiculous crap. Do as RK says and implement the system as it was, it wasn't perfect but then what is? This board is far from it. Implement the old board and just add a 'like' feature and you're good to go, some members may even start to come back