• ♥messiah♥

    I don't think the forum can really be fixed at this point but here's what I would do if I was in charge.

    1) Get rid of "read more".

    2) Kill nesting.

    3) Fix the bugs!

    4) Make a functional mobile version.

    5) Fix the goddamn images on the main page already!

    6) Unban me.

    7) Hire a real developer to make a completely new forum without us having to register again.

    8) Stop posting here, the "community building" is pandering and its kinda cringy.  You have your blog but never use it.

    9) Crate a clear set of rules that you expect people to follow and then get rid of them.  We aren't monsters and the mod is capable of keeping things in check

    10) Admit you fucked up.  I know this would probably be the hardest but I bet it would earn back a lot of good will.  Its worked for countless politicians and basketball players.